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Date published: June 26, 2017 at 6:57 am
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After my very first meeting with Reagan at a hotel some weeks ago, I decided to contact her and invite her to share some time together at my home. To my utter delight, she accepted my invitation. I am compelled to express my extraordinary fortune.
My favourite sound in the world at the moment is the much anticipated amble of stylish heeled footwear coming into contact with the timber decking attached to the front of my dwelling. At 7.59 pm, this is my cue to excitedly shuffle to the door to greet her.
Every moment with this fine woman should be properly and perfectly well spent. And so it was…. As I was on this occasion hosting a guest, Reagan happily accepted my offer of refreshments and also enthusiastically agrees to select background music as a soundtrack to tonight’s intimate encounter. Her choice, an adorable surprise. Brimming with cheeky humour, intelligent curiosity and engaging candour, I felt once again instantly at ease in the company of my gorgeous guest.
Imagine if you can a beautiful young woman, with an uncommonly beautiful face. Perhaps among the most alluring you have ever seen. Her hair a lustrous brown colour; it almost reminds you of the colour of the finest coverture chocolate. My senses are drawn to the fact that her hair is very lengthy reaching down to the middle of her torso, so long in fact that it almost caresses the small of her back. As I gaze at Reagan gleefully dancing to her musical selection, and begin to touch her hair it seemed to take grasp of my mind and deny me of any other thoughts about anything else going on around me. .
Reagan’s attention is at once turned to me. Completely present in the moment with her, and without skipping a beat as her perfectly chosen tunes create atmosphere, she invited me to assist in unclothing us both. First I, then her. I spiritedly peel off layers of the finest apparel as one would peel the first mango of summer. I completely surrender to wonton sensual euphoria.
My vocation is in a creative field. As anyone endowed with artistic leanings will attest: Muse is key to success. I continue to experience heavenly and magical enrichment in daily life long after an encounter with Reagan Cole. An empowering muse descends when I see her and long after. Reagan knows muse.
I can’t wait to hear the sound of those shoes again.
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