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Date published: April 2, 2017 at 1:22 pm
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To the best of my usually acute recollection, my first rendezvous with the delightful Reagan Cole went something like this.
Time seems to speed up as the appointed hour of 9pm bears down like a cyclone. The appointed hour to receive Reagan. A somewhat timorous tap on the hotel door heralded Reagan’s arrival. Early by 5 minutes. As I took my first gaze at her face, the imaginations I had composed of her features were obliterated and reconstituted in an instant before my eyes and in my (by now racing) mind. This woman is uniquely and uncommonly stunning in appearance. She prudently introduces herself as I do likewise. The stylish elegant shoes Reagan wore are heeled off of her feet. I can now meet her comely gaze at eye level. My inner dialogue whispered. “This is going to be quite an experience” Mr. inner dialogue was correct. He usually is.
Matters mercantile are accomplished promptly as no sooner Reagan invites me to sit with her on the end of the still neatly made up hotel bed. Reagan is genuinely curious about whom she meets in and of a man as is reasonably evident in her pre meeting vetting procedure. These steps are necessary and worth the investment of time and effort she requires.
Reagan asks me thoughtful and considered questions about me which give me pause for reflection. Some of which I answer dutifully, some which render me momentarily silent.
When I feel Reagans hand impress upon my somewhat tense shoulder and begin to delicately caress my left arm, I could feel myself melt. A seamless transition from the cerebral to the carnal initiated by degrees. A level of trust mutually established. She has a Midas touch. This will be unrushed and ecstatic. I just know it!
I am awakened and electrified, as the aforementioned made up hotel bed is speedily un made in seconds. I behold before me one of the most alluring and enticing manifestations of the feminine form I have ever seen. Let alone touch! I become lost in her as every internal stress struggle and mundane matter simply dissipates not to return. (At least not until the next day at my office desk) I will not soon forget the most feminine womanly scent which springs forth from her delicate neck and on her breath as she speaks. Perhaps it’s just me, but my God, what a turn on!
It was soon apparent that this extraordinary and remarkable encounter was one to be prolonged and thoroughly enjoyed on every level. Reagan gracefully agrees to spend an additional hour in my company. The approaching conclusion of our encounter allowed the time and space for Reagan to really allow me to experience her insightful, bright and inquisitive intellect. Again, just me perhaps but another enlivening turn on. Beautiful, well informed and so very smart. Of course, the latter part of this relaxed discourse encompassed the arrangement of my next date with Reagan.
One may ask: ‘How does this coming together leave a man feeling?” May I respond in singular terms: Chosen, desired, validated, valued, enlivened, enthralled, respected, vigorously manly and oh so very ALIVE!
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