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Date published: January 22, 2020 at 10:40 pm
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Depending on the Internet source used, it’s generally agreed there are over 200 synonyms for the term “beautiful”. Examples include “Exquisite”, “Radiant” and “Stunning”.

All fail short of adequately describing the wonder of Piper Jackson,

Not even close.

Putting aside her palpable physicality ....which I find vacuous anyway...what makes Piper an amazing human being is her genuineness. She is caring, attentive and strives to ensure you are the centre of her attention. After selflessly helping me with an issue which had been causing a lot of heartache since December, I can attest to Ms. Jackson’s generosity of spirit.

She didn’t have to this. After all, I had been a complete stranger (the exception being a solitary phone call made a few days earlier).

I’m eternally grateful and cannot speak more highly of this totally engaging woman.

Hopefully we’ll next catch up next month, although I am severely tempted to enquire whether she’s available for a coffee (or lunch) before this weekend is through?

My fingers and toes are crossed.
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