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Date published: November 20, 2015 at 2:37 am
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PiperJackson - Chapter 2: How To Spoil A Lady The Right Way

I walked into our 1st meeting in September and knew within seconds I was seeing Piper again as a dinner date. It was the natural thing you would want after meeting her...to spend quality time to just enjoy everything that is Piper Jackson. So I made immediate plans with Piper. We agreed on a date that would suit both our busy schedules but sadly mine with work travels... 2 months away. Well it was something to look forward to.

I had selected the restaurant that we both had not been to which was to provide the setting for the fun filled and simply perfect evening. Hotel on my part was also arranged so everything was set. Piper and I were both squeeling with excitement...it was not hard to be so with Piper. She is so enchantingly beautiful and as we all know just so intelligently engaging.

Meeting in the hotel lobby I saw the most elegantly dressed Piper. In a very nice black evening dress and hair styled up she was perfectly dressed for where we were going for dinner. The vision was a sensory feast and I knew the effort she had taken to be that perfect vision. Pre dinner cocktails were at the restaurant and we shared a nice quiet time just re acquainting ourselves. It is this kind of time that makes the dinner date exceptional. We were lead to our table and to the best seat in a full restaurant overlooking Sydney Harbour and the Opera House. Both of us were a little taken back. The next 3 hours (yes 3) went by so quick that we were a little surprised when I looked at the watch. It had been full of delicious food, wine, great conversation and never ending laughter. We wrapped up pre dessert and got out of there as quick as we could as we both had wanted the real dessert. What with teasing each other for 3 hours it was time.

Time spent with Piper goes so quick and I can honestly say there is never enough. You just want to be in her company and enjoy her presence for as long as you can. To be able to is such an honour and I know that it will not be the last time. The time did go quick but we certainly both completely enjoyed the moment. Piper's smile was never away and I saw a smile that night that was genuinely happy and blissful. It was the mirror of my own. We parted away that night letting Piper take her little goodies away with her to enjoy. My smile even these days later and memories are still strong...lifetime strong. 

Piper makes a great dinner companion which I couldn't quite easily done for triple the time that night thank you Piper for allowing me to spoil you, to make you blush, to make you smile, make you laugh and I'm glad that I never heard you order shots! I cannot wait till we get the opportunity to make more lasting memories.

Toyburu xxoo
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