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Date published: September 17, 2017 at 10:28 pm
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I've had several bookings with Layla, and she's always amazing; a tiny but powerful explosion of energy and raw sexuality that would be hard for most people to keep up with. At least one of those was a dinner booking, which was great; not only is she a sexual dynamo, but she's a genuinely interesting person, an entertaining conversationalist on many topics. I also follow and interact with her on Twitter, and one thing I had noted was that now and then she posts photos of meals she has cooked, which always look like interesting and very tasty food. I've called her a #DomesticGoddess on several occasions, and when I got in touch to make our most recent booking, I asked whether we could have a dinner date with a difference--could we have a Domestic Goddess booking, with Layla acting as extremely sexy chef, followed by an intimate private dinner of one of her delicious specialities, followed by an even more intimate dessert...

To my great joy, Layla agreed, and after a bit of discussion, we settled on a lovely but simple spaghetti with garlic butter, bacon and prawns. On the day, I brought a nice bottle of red wine, and had a wonderful time chatting to Layla, drinking a bit of wine, watching her cook, and even helping a little. I should have requested a naked chef nude with an apron, maybe next time, but it was lovely anyway; we got caught up and watching her cook was a joy; she really does know what she's doing and obviously enjoys it. It may have been better that she wasn't nude; I might have found it hard to let her get on with the cooking undisturbed. The finished product was delicious, and the atmosphere was better than any restaurant. I highly recommend her skills as a chef.

After dinner, we adjoined to a quick shower and the bedroom for a wonderful, long, intense dessert. I don't put details in my reviews, but Layla was, as she always is incredibly hot and intense, responding beautifully with several gorgeous orgasms, and giving me a great deal of pleasure as well. In between intense times, we had some lovely kissing and cuddling and more talk, and finished up with a nice long close cuddle before I reluctantly said goodbye until next time, which I really hope will be soon. I'd love to once again experience her amazing domestic goddess side; I hope she's willing to do it again!
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