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Date published: October 7, 2016 at 9:59 pm
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I first came across the beautiful young Layla whilst browsing through Backpage a few months ago. Her listing stood out amongst the rest. So much so that I though it had to be a fake. After delving deeper I found her listing here on Scarlet Blue with verified pictures, proving my suspicions to be incorrect, much to my pleasure. Her website provides a much broader view of her services & pricing as well as regularly updated gallery and news section (announcing new tours and such). Her site also features a store where you can pre-buy keepsakes to be collected at a booking (these currently include Petite Nymphet calendars, panties and shoes). She also sells access to her Snapchat through her site. A small one time purchase that I can not recommended enough. She posts almost everyday with loads of sexy pictures and videos. She is also a regular on Twitter, who can say no to daily good morning selfies especially when that are usually nudes or at the very least scantily clad. Like Layla is in person, her Twitter is very much a mix of sexy and funny. She frequently interacts with her followers on both these forms of social media. When I initially contacted Layla we had planned an overnight booking for her early November tour of Brisbane. However after lots of back and forth conversation as well as her daily teasing through Snapchat the wait of several months for our planned booking soon became unbearable. She seemed as excited to meet as I was to meet her and she graciously offered up her last evening on the Gold Coast should I wish to make the journey from Brisbane to the Coast. This evening was time she has set aside as personal time between tours. I thought it to be an exceedingly kind offer on her part and I couldnt turn down the opportunity. After many thank yous I went about finding a restaurant for us to go to on our evening together. This was the start of a significantly shorter wait till our first meeting but it still felt an eternity.

Finally the day arrived. I was greeted by the closest thing to an angel I am ever likely to see. Layla dressed to the nines in a sexy little back dress, every girl has one, however I firmly believe Layla looked better than anyone else ever could. In the lift up to her apartment I confessed that I had snuck a peek of what she was going to be wearing from a twitter post, somewhat ruining the surprise for myself. Without hesitation she offered to change outfits should I want her to surprise me. But looking as good as she did in the little number she was already wearing I politely declined her offer.

After a bit of small talk we couldnt resist each other for any longer. Sharing our first embrace of many that evening, we tentatively explored each others clothed bodies, yearning to explore more but with our dinner reservation fast approaching we had to restrain ourselves. The conversation flowed very easily during dinner. The waiter even had to give us a bit of a hurry up when ordering dessert as we were too distracted chatting away the night.

Back at her apartment we cuddled up on the couch sharing a glass wine, watching whatever was on the tv at the time. Its hard to take much notice of anything else with Layla in front of you. As the night grew older we became more an more comfortable with one and other, playfully making fun of each other like old friends. Layla got comfortable, taking off her shoes, laying back on the couch and putting her feet in my lap. She knew I had a foot fetish as i had requested she paint her nails a certain colour for our evening together. A request that was welcomed with out question. Little did i know but Layla loves a good foot rub and the was the match that re-lit the fire that was burning before our departure for dinner. What followed was the greatest sexual experience of my life thus far. Layla is phenomenal. Her physique is even more of a sight to behold in person. Stunning from her captivating eyes, to her perfect feet, her lovely pert breasts to her fluffy little bush. And her self proclaimed title of "BJ Queen" is most certainly justified. She is the ultimate tease, getting you all worked up with the cheekiest grin on her face before swallowing you whole. Her eyes locked with yours showing how much she loves what shes doing to you. After an amazing romp we were exhausted, so we decided to call it a night cuddling up for a well earned rest, eagerly awaiting what the morning held for us. I awoke and didnt think the previous evening could be topped. Was I wrong or what. Obviously a good sleep was what we needed to unlock our wild passion for each other. It left me speechless. So much so that Im now going to shut up, lol

TL;DR - Book her!!! Book her now!!!
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