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Date published: April 1, 2019 at 8:45 pm
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What can I say that hasn't already been said about this amazing woman!

From the first moment I laid eyes on Paige in her tight short slutty vinyl zip up mini I was entranced by her physical appearance, and as we talked her bubbly personality and genuine nature instantly pout me at ease.

We continued to chat like old friends catching up on old times as the evening swept away from us sharing stories, laughter and passionate kissing. Of course the sexual interaction was amazing. Without going too much into it, she adores giving great head, she lavishes your manhood devouring and swallowing you. She rides and doggies like a young woman possessed begging to be fucked harder, faster and deeper……and when she comes…..she lifts the roof. Paige delights in the anal pleasures. Tongue, lips, finger.......she enjoys it all. She loves to watch herself being fucked....her moans of pleasure and voyeurism are such a turn on. Our session on the balcony was so erotic. Her bent over the outside bench table, me sliding in and out of her from behind.

The whole experience was absolutely amazing physically and intellectually. She is great fun to be with and physically we bonded magnificently. She enjoys her encounters and throws herself into pleasuring you as well as herself. I'm sure there will be many more delightful evenings to come.
B … March 2019
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