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Date published: June 30, 2017 at 1:10 pm
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As I sit at work, red eyed from no sleep the night before with a rock hard bona after recounting what I had experienced 8 hours earlier I had to write a review.
I started my journey with Ocean last week, she has this calming affect as soon as you step foot into her world. Beautiful to the core and spectacular on the outside with the most amazing soft lips, white smooth skin, piercing eyes, a soft touch and the most amazing mouth you'll ever have the pleasure to have your cock in. She LOVES what she does and she does it with Love.
She has a way to get into your head to find out who you are, what you need and what you truly desire and that she figure out the first encounter.
After the first encounter I just had to book the week after for another 3 hour session to really get to know Ocean to continue to build on the chemistry, so I did.
She knew I desired a double so she mentioned Dani. The seed was planted, I had already visited Dani's profile and couldn't resist to have her.
When Dani walked in with this infectious smile, the nerves disappeared before they even appeared.
She is extremely sensual, a stunning beauty with gorgeous eyes and a tongue like a demon. Her body is ridiculous and her ass, well let's just say perfection is an understatement!!!!!
Ocean and Dani take you into a world of lust, euphoria that has a mix of nice and down right dirty. They are pretty much made for each other when it comes to doubles with the chemistry they have. You are the centre of attention.
I have had threesomes in my life but this was something else, I drifted into another world and only resurfaced once I walked out the door wondering if that just happened to me.
I can't wait for the many many more sessions we will have.
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