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Date published: July 30, 2019 at 4:00 pm
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Having seen the lovely Ocean for a while now l mentioned a fantasy l have always had - a threesome. Ocean offered to assist me turn this fantasy into reality, and together we discussed who an appropriate 3rd partner would be. Ocean suggested Dani join us as she would be a good fit to my personality, and l am SO glad she did!

Being someone who gets terrible nerves and anxiety meeting a new companion, the thought of meeting someone new (as beautiful as Dani) AND experiencing my first threesome had me almost hyperventilating when l arrived. Ocean quickly, expertly and gently calmed me down and we talked through the emotions l was having.

It turns out all of the concerns disappeared moments after l met Dani. Not only beautiful, but also a kind, welcoming and fun person to be with. Within minutes we were ALL having a laugh at how silly my nerves had been and we all experienced a lovely night together. Ocean and Dani move together like beautiful dancers, and somehow they incorporated me into the dance like l was a seasoned veteran. I still don't know how they did it, but none of it felt awkward or forced. Ocean and Dani knew when to push and when to pull, and read my body and mind like we had all been doing this for years!

It was intimate, it was special, it was daring, it was rewarding, and it was beautiful.

I can't thank you enough, girls!

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