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Date published: June 13, 2015 at 11:53 am
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I first spoke to Nova a few months ago after spotting her on Twitter & then on Scarlet Blue. After a couple of Emails discussing Nova’s service and my desires I decided I had to spend time with this lovely lady. Unfortunately, personal & financial circumstances stop this from happening until last night. But the wait was well worth it.
I kept in touch with Nova, on Twitter and emailed her when I was able to meet her. A couple more emails to fine tune our meeting and we are booked. Unfortunately Nova was unwell and we postponed our tryst another week. I’ve waited months, what’s another week.
Anyway, the day finally arrives; I’ve bought a bottle of wine, a few nibbles and checked into my hotel room. I text Nova the details, letting her know I will have to meet her downstairs and I’m informed I’ll receive a call when she is on her way. Before I know it, Nova is downstairs and I’m in the lift; the heart-warming smile I score when the lift doors open tells me I’m about to start something I will never forget. Nova is gorgeous.
When we get to my room, the nerves kick in. I have trouble pouring a glass of wine; my hand is shaking so much. Soon enough, after chatting, Nova has me relaxed. “Should we play?” Nova asks. I’m not going to go into a blow by blow of what happened. To say we had an awesome time together would be a huge understatement.
Nova is divine and we had an exquisite time together. I’m already planning our next rendezvous.
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