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Date published: November 29, 2017 at 9:39 pm
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As part of making a booking for my upcoming birthday festivities, my favourite lady suggested we should invite Nina to join us. Nina was more than happy to participate in an evening with me and another WL, and so I booked her. Booking and casual discussions were so pleasant and such a breeze. This booking is yet to occur.

Knowing I was meeting Nina, I started to follow her on social media and discovered that she would be in Singapore at the same time as me. Knowing a connection is ultra important for a doubles booking to work, I thought I should do some preliminary research to ensure she would be a perfect match for me and my fave lady. Booking was again a cinch, and she shared my excitement in the lead up to our 4 hour international rendezvous (or should I say research).

It’s been said many times before, but Nina’s photos do not do her justice. I watched her walk into the hotel lobby, admiring from afar for a minute or two before approaching. She is simply stunning! I get horribly nervous with all ladies, but she has an incredibly calming aura about her, putting me at ease before even getting up to my room.

We shared a crappy French wine from the local 7/11 (no expense spared by me - Singapore is not cheap ) and lovely conversation about our journeys. Nina is clearly a very intelligent woman with a plan. Being articulate is such a sexy trait!

Her skin is so smooth and unblemished and her kisses are oh so tender. In 4 hours, we were able to get up to quite a bit. It’s a phrase often used, but Nina was definitely a devil in the sheets. Once we got started, I can’t remember taking a break! Costumes, role plays, and overall a side of her that I wasn’t expecting to see. I booked her GF experience, but I’ve never experienced a GF like Nina! Simply amazing, she catered for what I’d requested and then some. It was borderline PSE.

My fave lady is an amazing judge of character, and suggesting Nina was a master stroke. It’s still over a week until my birthday booking, and I just know that Nina is going to make it an amazing time for both of us.

Thanks Nina, my first international experience will never be forgotten!
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