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Date published: May 5, 2017 at 10:37 pm
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I recently had the incredible privilege of seeing Nina Milano and Evelyn May for my birthday. Having known Nina for over a year, I left it to Nina to organise. Initially I was hoping to see Nina and giselle. However giselle pulled out early because she was going on holidays and would be unavailable. So as I've always believed (and as it turns out Nina and Evelyn believe it too) if you're going to do a double the ladies need to know and like each other, otherwise it will be awkward or worse they just may not like each other.) So I asked Nina to suggest ladies she thinks I'd like and she does like. After a couple days Nina sent me a message informing that Evelyn May was the first second and third options. Having not even heard about Evelyn before I was nervous. Anyway the closer we got to the date the more nervous I became. All the while Nina kept telling me how great Evelyn was and how much her and I would definitely get on. On the night I first met up with Nina before our date to go to Evelyn's unit together. Upon entry Evelyn was very warm and welcoming, Nina and Evelyn are clearly friends, good friends. I'm not into graphic reviews so I'll leave out most of the details. My biggest concern was the whole faking lesbian thing as I've paid for a lesbian doubles in the past and then watched girls air kiss (if they aren't into it fine they don't have to do it, but don't take $1000 off me for it.) with Nina and Evelyn there was NO faking it, they obviously stuck to there own boundaries but delivered what was promised. Evelyn honestly made me feel stupid for ever having been nervous.

So in conclusion they are both amazingly beautiful women with vibrant, warm and charming personalities.
Would I do it again?? The only thing that would stop me is if they didn't want to.
It was very easy to organise.
Both ladies made wish every day was my birthday.
I couldn't recommend these ladies enough. Together or alone these ladies are must see.
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