testimonials for Nina Milano

Date published: October 4, 2016 at 4:52 pm
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So i recently had the pleasure of spending 4 hours in the company of the lovely Nina. It turned out to be the dinner date that almost wasn't thanks to the recent power outage that hit Adelaide. Amidst low batteries and worsening weather and pitch darkness, we somehow managed to keep our plans alive and i'm glad we did. As expected, Nina was immacutely dressed for our 'date' which ended up being room service. Nina's a great listener and an excellent conversationalist. Once we got dinner out of the way, Air Hostess Nina got into the fray and what a sight that was. Her white lacy lingerie set was amazing and one of the highlights of the night was seeing her walking up the staircase in my suite before later taking her on the stairs as well (a first for us both). Her tits are equally amazing and i'm probably guilty of giving her nipples too much attention (Sorry Nina, couldnt help myself). All in all a great time and experience all around and sure hope to see her again in the future.
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