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Date published: May 16, 2016 at 6:15 pm
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Ok so last night I had the pleasure of meeting miss Nina Milano. At this point I will say I don't do graphic reviews on the rare occasions I do them. So if you are looking for wank bank material perhaps another review is for you.

Organising the booking:
I first came to know about Nina threw Twitter and scarlet blue. But as Nina is in a higher price bracket than I would normally consider. I always thought of her as a fantasy girl, the kind you think about but it's never gonna happen. Around early March Nina announced that she would be touring Brisbane in May. In a little rush of blood I decided bugger it I'll see if I can make a booking. So I messaged Nina to enquire about a booking nearly 2 months away. Clearly thinking I'm gonna get laughed out of town here, I'd laugh. But instead Nina replied promptly and seriously to my enquiry. Before I knew it I had a booking that I was gonna pay off in little more manageable payments. It was almost to easy.

The day of the booking:
I texted Nina to confirm that we were all set to meet. She again replied quickly to confirm that the booking I had paid for in full already was certainly going ahead and gave me the address. I arrived about half an hour early and let her know. Being sure to tell her I was only letting her know I was there and that there would be no dramas from me for the start, and not trying to rush her to get an early start. She informed that she would be ready soon and would message me when to make my way to the lifts. Around start time I received a text telling me where to meet and asking for discretion Which suits everyone involved so no problems there.

The booking:
I found Nina's company to be extremely enjoyable. In terms of her company there is a lot to like, she holds conversation well, the conversation flowed easily between serious and funny she never seemed like she was bored or that she was hoping the booking would be finishing, and for an amazingly beautiful woman she doesn't seem to be relying on that to get her threw life she has a brain a fully functioning and all!! In regards to what good friend of mine calls the naughties. Nina was amazing, her blow jobs are mind blowing worth the price of admission alone. In sex she's happy to take the lead and is an active and energetic lover. Having met her now next time I will be a little more assertive.

Nina is extremely professional in the organising stage of the booking she replies to messages quickly and gives clear instructions when required. During the booking she is very professional, while seeming like this is not her job at all, she leaves you with an impression she genuinely enjoyed seeing you and that she is right into what you were doing with her. It really feels like you're doing things with her not to her. Basically I highly recommend her to anyone. you may not be able to buy happiness, but you can definitely rent some from Nina.
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