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Date published: December 7, 2015 at 4:33 pm
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Meeting Nina is a rare pleasure in life. This would be my second visit from Nina and was a chance encounter as time allowed in my week and I booked her for a longer visit this time after last times introduction. I have followed Nina on Twitter for sometime and can attest to her demeanour matching her tweet persona not to mention her beauty which is far more radiant in person. While Nina offers the PSE and other reviews can attest to her wild indulged side, I have been drawn to her softer side and GFE as I have interacted with a softly spoken loving and considerate lady who you could only wish were your girlfriend.
Nina is an intelligent well spoken lady with whom I found myself spilling details of my life to like an excited child, which is a surprise as usually I am the listener and delver. It was like I had returned home from a long break away from my girlfriend and I had such excited news to share. Let me tell you though, it really is not that exciting as I work primarily in IT. Nevertheless Nina was interested and engaging on the topics, drawing far more from me than expected. She surprised me with a signed copy of her BlackLabel Calendar which was a lovely touch and now a prized possession. As things moved into the intimate realms and I instantly recalled from my last visit how much I loved the caress of her lips and the long uninterrupted kisses she bestowed. To hold her and kiss her for the longest time is heavenly. Reserving the details of further intimacy, but to say that her embrace and for her to snuggle into my side and rest there a moment took me into the heights of the GFE. I don't know that you can truly express the sensation but to experience Ninas GFE and true intimacy for yourself. Even on leaving it was like she did not want me to leave... of course that could have been me projecting my feelings in the moment. Nina is a lovely creature and I highly recommend her for the intimacy lovers amongst us.
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