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Date published: November 3, 2018 at 8:28 am
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I have just got back from 2 hours with Fifi and Nina and am totally blown away...

From start to end everything was ultimate fantasy level and has left me tingling all over and wanting more... The conversation is natural, relaxed and fun - they are both genuinely lovely people with great senses of humour. The physical level is equally impressive...

A perfect threesome for me should be fluid, inclusive and a full-on sensory overload - Fifi and Nina delivered that will bells on.

I was met at the door by them both wearing cute little outfits, hair in bunches, naughty smiles, sparkly eyes and lollypops in their mouths. Needless to say, they both look amazing - beautiful, petite and with breasts that could make a grown man cry.

Before the first glasses of champagne were half finished we were a sea of hands, lips, tongues and bodies. They clearly enjoy playing with each other and instinctively sense changes in focus and move with you to keep everything group focused and leave no one unattended. It would be near impossible to ask for more - their attention to each other is almost on par with their attention to me. I won't go in to details because there are too many to mention but I was in total carnal bliss fit every second with these wonderful girls.

The time flew by way too quickly! You have the experienced Fifi and the more innocent Nina and both switch it up, back and forth, to leave you totally overwhelmed and wondering if that really just happened...

Simply perfection!

See you again soon my sweet little girls, and thank you so much! Xxx
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