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Date published: April 11, 2019 at 9:47 am
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I'm ok with sex work being about getting off and various “experiences”. Play is good fun and the advantages/preconditions of sex work (for workers and clients) include its casual nature. However, that's not me. I'm after more than short term help dealing with some issues about libido and dysfunction.

It's complicated by abuse, sex therapy and reestablishing any sort of sex drive.

Actual sex has to play a part in that recovery and surrogate partners are thin on the ground where I live. So I had sought out bookings with those whose profiles emphasised warmth. This booking was to be my last try at finding exactly what I needed.

It turned out I was one of Morven Wake's first bookings. I knew of her and made the appointment before she had completely finalised the “About me” portion of her profile. So I was astonished when what she published included exactly what I was after. I seek trust, kindness and support. Morven's profile held out the promise of exactly that plus a whole lot more for those with different needs.

She delivered, in spades. I had just planned to meet, shoot the breeze and then assess whether we'd meet again. Instead I found myself so at ease and disarmed upon meeting her that I immediately shared the entirety of what I needed. She could not have been more supportive and empathetic.

Morven is a confident and self-possessed woman who lives the walk of what she talks. Someone you'd be proud to stand beside, whether at a BBQ or the theatre, and extra lucky to lie beside. I'm very confident that she not only can help.

I'll be booking again (and already have). I look forward to a mutually beneficial arrangement, with someone I can trust, that will get my sex life back on track.
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