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Date published: April 7, 2019 at 10:14 pm
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Ah, lovely Morven. So delightful and delicious, and so very talented with female clients. Whether she’s tying me to the bed with pretty scarves or giving me a relaxing facial (no, not the porn kind - the girly kind with strong massaging fingers and skin cream and lavender smells and mood music), Morven is indulgently attentive, warmly affectionate, present in the moment and magically responsive to whatever my body tells her I want. She is sensuous in every sense of the word, creating unique sensual experiences that leave me feeling thoroughly loved and cared for as well as sexually sated. She’s smart and wise and wonderful to hang out with. She truly listens to everything I tell her about my desires and dislikes, responding with imaginative adventures that delight my body and soothe my soul. She’s just gorgeous. I’m incurably in awe of her sheer spirit and intelligence, her self-possession and her command of her life and work. She is a fine human being. Don’t hesitate to book her for an amazing encounter with what life is all about.
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