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Date published: April 15, 2019 at 8:44 am
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I really enjoyed my time with Mistress Bianca, and I very much intend to see her again.

The key things I liked about her, well first she is drop dead gorgeous, I mean that body, and those legs, but she is also surprisingly down to earth and a good chat. I found that really rare and refreshing. She also puts in the effort, asking me what I like, dont like, and even wore the sexiest boots ever just for me which I really appreciate. And third she is professional, knowing how to respect limits and privacy.

The other thing I really liked - and this is a big one - is that she is not fake dominant. There are girls out there who dom on the side of their regular hustle but Mistress Bianca is properly dominant.

If there’s one negative, I suppose its that she’s not based in Sydney so I can’t see her as regularly. And everyone knows Syd is better than Melb. Still, could be worse - like Perth, right, amiright? ;) haha
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