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Date published: October 21, 2018 at 5:17 pm
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Set in stone, unique, amazing and beautiful.
Tapped the door, it swung open and I entered to see her sitting on the couch,,didn't note who did the door
She stood up to greet me arms flung open , embrace and almost lost my breath with that kiss, and this.girl can kiss.!!!!!. She patted the couch next to her and this time I managed to hold on to my breath. Sculptured to perfect.form and with the intense response it was one of those instant mutual attractions and garments moved matching the urgency consuming us
No need for plan or format we flowed like a well rehersed scene with verbal encouragement from both.
Frankie comitts totally gives with her total being matches what u offer with a consuming passion
Changing continually with laughter and total dedication.Why arent they all like this, ?
refreshing like a cool breeze when most needed
No need to consider moving elsewhere, this is the holy grail the uliltimate in uncomplicated pleasure, a gift to the universe
A once in a .lifetime find , top shelf up there with the greats, articulate, unaffected, focused rational the perfect entity to accomodate in yr life
An absolute jewel in life crown Frankie a legend

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