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Date published: April 2, 2019 at 8:37 am
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I stumbled upon Miss Asia Lee almost a month ago and due to us both being busy professionals it was a struggle to connect. A week or so ago she reached out to me and said she had an opening in her schedule and she'd love to meet me which floored me as it gave me the impression that she actually did want to meet me which was the main reason I was drawn to her in the first place.

After not believing that it would ever happen I turned up to the hotel and met her at the door. I instantly knew that all of my expectations were well underestimated and I was truly in for something special. She was more beautiful and sexy than I could ever have imagined and I soon found out that she was everything she had promised and more.

Upon meeting, she offered me a glass of wine and suggested we chat and get to know each other. We talked for about half an hour which was amazing, she genuinely seemed interested in me and I was really interested in her, I love interesting conversation and I felt she had a lot to offer there, full disclosure though, all this time she is a total hottie and although I enjoyed the conversation and totally will book many date encounters, probably 50-60% of the time I was thinking about her sexually. Credit to her though, she picked up on this and then we moved from deep conversation, which I loved, to deep passion, which I really loved.

In this realm she excelled, she is the most amazing kisser, her body is so beautiful and sexy and she is an amazing lover. I have delved into the escort scene over the past year or so, much more in the last couple of months but I've not come across anthing like this.

I knew from the first time I saw her profile that she was the thing I needed in my life and the exciting thing is that I know that every time I see her it will only get better and better.
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