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Date published: June 20, 2018 at 9:02 am
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What a wonderful find...... I am not exactly sure why I decided to see Mia but so glad I did.... I was a little nervous beforehand but Mia put me to ease very quickly. Mia opened the door of her luxury Sydney apartment with a killer smile, long blonde hair and gorgeous brown eyes. I was captivated straight away .....so down to earth and really chatty ....we talked for a while and then Mia lent over to kiss me and that was the first I tasted her...... Mia walked over to the window to show me the view and that's when I sneaked a glimpse of THE most exquisite arse as she bent over to pull the curtains..... she knows how to tease this girl.... world class..... Mia led me to the bedroom and ripped off her dress to reveal some incredibly sexy lingerie that wrapped around her figure just begging you to peel it off .....we jumped on the bed and she kissed me and started on a blowjob...... and that's when I felt her skin.... her skin is just beautiful... simply beautiful..... you combine that with her cheeky smile, yoga toned body and you begin to realise this is one great investment ! Mia's breasts are natural and her figure is wow! - her pert lithe arse is amazing - I could stare at this for hours! No tattoo's either - she reminds of that naughty girl next door you were always curious about Anyway back to the game..... we moved to 69 and then doggy for a while and then Mia took the lead and jumped on top kissing me as we fucked and fucked and fucked..... you know how you ask yourself sometimes in the chat of the moment 'I wonder if she is actually enjoying this ?' - well either Mia was having a great time too or she is one hell of an actress..... I came again and then went for her on top...... oh this was amazing ... all the time moaning and kissing me.... 'what is this girl doing to me!'..... we then collapsed on the bed chatted a while ......Mia is really interesting and full of positive energy which makes for easy conversation ..we were chatting and talking about Sydney and England where she is from originally.. then all of a sudden Mia out of nowhere Mia just took it on herself to grab me and start on another blowjob and we started all over again..... wow this was some of THE best sex I have had in quite a while.... I will certainly be back.... Mia you are an undiscovered gem, a lovely person , a killer smile and simply an amazing amazing body.... you combine all that with what I describe as a 'sexual athlete' (her stamina is amazing) and there you have it.... my 'star of the season'! Thank you for such a wonderful time I can't wait to see you again.

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