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Date published: November 28, 2018 at 8:21 am
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I dedicate this Testimonial to Grace Jones and Mia Westwood to say a big thank you to them.
I decided to make a booking to catch up with Grace Jones again I have known Grace for a couple years now and always have such a Sensational time with her this time I also wanted to meet Mia Westwood for the first time thought it would be the perfect time to meet Mia with Grace and I had the chance to that weekend I just love my double bookings.
I arranged with Grace and Mia for a Double booking lucky me Mia was available she is very easy to communicate with after I sent a email then I heard back from her and she was available Yaay!.
When I arrived at Grace’s apartment on the Saturday morning for my long 6hr date, I was greeted by Grace and I was meeting Mia for the first time Grace let me in and she was wearing a very beautiful white dress that looked so Gorgeous on her. I was stunned how beautiful she looked in it! Grace was looking absolutely stunning with her blonde hair and her blue eyes that where just sparkling she is always so happy to see me.
After Grace had given me a large cuddle and kiss I had the chance to introduce my self to Mia Westwood. And give me a chance to see her and get to know her better.
I was very pleasantly surprised how beautiful Mia Westwood is she was in a nice little black mini dress from memory showing off her gorgeous long legs and her beautiful divine body. Mia has a really beautiful face with gorgeous brown eyes and long blonde hair. I have only seen photos of Mia with her face blurred she is one very beautiful kind lady even more in beautiful in real life and has a very cute accent to match and her body is just so divine she sure looks after herself well.
I then I surprised Grace & Mia with some Red roses that I brought along with me and their other gifts.
Grace and Mia where so happy to see me and they were so happy to get these gifts from me.
We moved over to the couch and we passionately kissed and talked for a while and give me a chance to get to know Mia better from there I could see we were just going to get along well. Then they said they will be right back and both of the slipped into the bedroom and came back out wearing some very sexy school girl outfits and Mia had a nice big ruler in her hand with a cheeky grin on her face !….
They decided to strip me of my clothes and after a bit of intimate play and teasing on the couch they said it was time we move to the bedroom for some fun. After I had a shower I entered the bedroom and here is Grace and Mia waiting for me with cheeky smiles on their faces
Grace and Mia continued to tease me making me hard again while I was standing I could not take to much longer of their teasing and they could not wait to get me on the bed! Then I was pushed onto the bed.
Both ladies started to kiss me all over again for a while I was laying down and their hands started to wonder all over my body and then Grace started to tease me below making me hard and Mia was passionately kissing me like mad which I loved every minute I love being kissed just love it.
It was time to have some sensual play Grace was the lucky first to ride me seeing in her face she was just having too much of a great time on top of me and then Mia decided to position herself over my face with a very sexy view so I could please her she is Gorgeous.
After a while of some very sensual fun we had a short break to get our breaths back. I could see in Mia eyes that she wanted to get on me
It was Mia’s turn to have some fun so she got on top of me rode me for a while for the first time and Grace decided to sit on my face while Mia was ridding me. Mia was having so much fun bouncing around and grinding we were really having such a great time Mia is awesome such a beautiful lady I was very impressed with her and is a absolute stunning lady.
This went on for a couple of hours – we explored each other’s bodies, changed positions a couple of times and kissed and cuddled and talked for a while.
We were getting a bit hungry so we headed into lounge room to have something to eat Grace always produces the most yummiest food platters and sweets we chatted for wile and I had a chance to show both of them some photos from my trip.
We then headed back into bedroom to have some more sensual fun!
Grace and Mia decided to tie me up to the bed and blindfolded me and tease me again this time I could not see what they were doing to me felt amazing. The rest of that next hour was just a blur the way they were teasing me drove me wild I loved every minute of it. And all the other naughty things They were doing to me, I loved every minute of it. We tried a couple different positions for a while this went on for couple of hours.
After many fabulous hours of sensual play it was time for us to go have a shower and start slowing things down and prepare to finish up.
All I can say is I had such a fabulous day with these two absolutely stunning ladies there just so beautiful. There kind and caring was well worth my investment to spend my time with them.
Grace and Mia are amazing in the bedroom and they certainly knows how to spoil you. They are so passionate at what they do and if you treat them like a lady she will take you to heaven with love.
All I can say is that I had the time of my life with these ladies that day and spending those six hours was the perfect way to enjoy my day.
Grace is a very Sweet, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Stunning, Elegant, Captivating, and is a very Sensual Lady. To top it off she has a Beautiful Personality. She also has some very beautiful blue eyes as well and beautiful blonde hair.
Mia is beautiful lady with a beautiful Personality and is very friendly lady also has a stunning trim body beautiful long legs some very beautiful brown eyes and long Blonde hair she is very kind , Elegant , Has a lovely smile . She is Gorgeous and loves to kiss.
Grace and Mia.
I just like to thank you two so much for the sensual fun filled day we had together will be a day I will not forget about for a while. It was my pleasure spending those six beautiful hours with your beautiful company. It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with you and it was one of my greatest days I have had – thank you two gorgeous ladies.
Was a absolute pleasure to meet you Mia I look forward to our next date.
I can’t wait until our next sexy adventure – see you soon. I had the best day and definitely not going to forget it! it was an amazing day am so blessed to have met you Mia and see you again Grace.
With lots of Love
Mark xxoo
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