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Date published: July 19, 2018 at 8:12 am
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My Wicked Lunch Hour !

I only had an hour but hey I wanted to escape the grind and this chick is right in the CBD !

I was greeted by a friendly smile and long blonde hair……Mia was strangely nervous when I arrived but soon settled. We chatted for ages and she seemed to relax ……She was wearing tight jeans and long boots in her long long gorgeous legs ….. a real natural look and one of those girls that when you see in the street you just can’t keep turning your head for the second and third time …ha ! you know you shouldn’t but you just do …..Mia has long legs and a tight little arse that you wanna grab hold of straight away ….mmmm I just could not wait to see her peel off those jeans and reveal what was underneath

And when she did ….I looked to the heavens and gave an approving glance to say thanks to the man upstairs ….was it the teasing black and pink lingerie ? Was it the tightest, cutest body just built for sin ? or was it that waist ?…..Yes! it was that waist with that golden skin and beautiful torso. I thought to myself …’these things don’t happen often but I am going to make the most of this !’ as my heart started racing and the blood in my nether regions started to pump

Mia took the lead straight away and pressed her body andbreasts up against me and thrust her tongue into my mouth ..and we collapsed onto the bed …Mia just kissed and kissed me ….I had not experienced such a passionate kissing escort ever ….nice !

My hands became like an octopus exploring her body all over and then moving between her legs where she was really wet …..Mia could sense that I could not wait any longer and suggested we fuck straight away …I just loved how she said ‘let’s fuck!’ …it is burnt in my memory ! I took Mia from behind which is a great position to experience that incredible body of hers ……then Mia jumped on top and started to moan. She really took the lead gyrating her pelvis hard into me . Her tongue speeding up and I have a sneaking suspicion she secretly came (you always do wonder if they did don’t you !?)

I then jumped on top and exploded inside her for an orgasm that was one of the most satisfying in a long time …….

We then chatted about Sydney and her business plans - the girl is educated with a very clever head on her shoulders ….very refreshing and I could talk to her for hours but as I had to get back to work and join the masses I kissed her and was on my way …until next time !
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