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Date published: April 24, 2017 at 10:58 pm
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At first blush, writing a review for Marci is a daunting task.  Are there any superlatives that haven't already been used?  When so much has already been said, what more is there to say?  And yet nothing has been said.  Nothing that can ever adequately describe how you will feel and what you will experience.  You can pore over every review, every tweet, every image and every word in her profile and nothing will convey what it actually feels like to be spirited away by Marci. 

She infuses every cell, becomes a part of you, a third strand of your DNA. You leave the room, knowing in your subconscious that you are somehow a different person - a better version of you.  The way you view the world will have changed, you will experience a sense of personal growth, an overwhelming sense of physical, intellectual and spiritual connectedness and an instinctive impression that you have crossed a threshold, beyond which lies a realm of new possibilities and a deeper more fundamental understanding of who you are and what you can be.

Presenting the facts and the sequence in which they unfolded is both derogatory and meaningless.  No one will ever experience the Marci that you experience, she finds and reflects the best parts of your soul and as a true alchemist somehow manages to enrich them. 

Explore and experience, you will be rewarded.
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