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Date published: March 2, 2016 at 6:04 pm
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Okay, it has been two days since I saw Marci, and I am still getting orgasmic flashbacks. I go along minding my own business and then suddenly I stagger and stumble at the intensity of the erotic memory that comes coursing through me. Like meeting Marci at the door in her short short school girl skirt and long slutty latex boots, or the image of her writhing and contorting above me as she uses me for her own pleasure, or the view of her sculpted round arse in the mirror as she kneels in front of me taking my whole length deep into her throat yet again. Aaargh, I need my life back, or better yet, to see Marci again.

What else can I tell you boys and girls? Firstly her pictures do not do her justice. She is petite, and ultra cute, with sun kissed skin and a sculpted hourglass body that is oh so feminine but strong enough to handle all that I was able to give her and more. Pocket-rocket is a word that springs to mind. Marci is a perfect blend of innocent girl next door and tempting seductress, with a lightly freckled elfin face and green eyes that glimmer with wicked promise. As she stood there feeling herself up in her little school girl outfit I could have sworn Marci was only 18.

Even better than her stunning body though, is the ease with which Marci embraces you as her special lover. I sank into her kisses with a depth I have not felt in years. My every desire was met with equal intensity and fervor, Marci letting me know with her body just how much into me she was. Without getting into the gory details, music of the carnal kind was made. Sensual and salacious, she gets it!

One final comment, Marci has pelvic floor muscles that I would be proud to have biceps as strong. Marci, until we meet again, thank you!

Feb 2016
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