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Date published: January 16, 2016 at 4:43 pm
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My husband and I had entertained the thought of seeing an escort for quite some time before booking Marcella.
We are both adventurous and had found that threesomes arranged through hook up sites were generally a lot of work for a really mediocre result. The girls we had encountered had been curious but hesitant about being with another woman, which frustrated me, as I wanted the experience to be truly involved.
Being in our mid and late 30's, we also wanted someone not too far removed from our age group, with a lot of confidence and sex appeal. So this December, we decided to get ourselves a Christmas present while on holiday at the Gold Coast.

Marcella appeared at our hotel bar, impeccably groomed and dressed in a gorgeous silk jumpsuit that subtly hugged her outstanding curvaceous body.
There was no mistaking the girl from the profile. Besides her obvious striking and individual looks, there is just something intangible about her. She is impossible not to watch.
I immediately knew we had chosen well, and I gripped my husband's hand tightly in anticipation. There was not a trace of awkwardness as we became acquainted. She was confident, seductive and discrete; none of the obvious small talk as we all quickly downed a drink before heading upstairs.

Back in the room, Marcella excused herself to freshen up briefly, then re-emerged wearing a beautiful and modern lingerie set.
She calmly removed a small selection of toys, condoms and other goodies from her bag and laid them out; moving in a way that displayed her gorgeous body for us.
I felt my husband getting hard through his pants grinding into me from behind.
She suggested he watch first, unzipped his trousers and placed him into a chair.
Taking her time, she unwrapped me from me dress; kissing my lips and neck, winding her hand around my hair to tug slightly.
All my senses were so heightened, that by the time we were both naked, I felt like I'd already been fucked.
She lay me face down, spread my legs so my husband could see everything and straddled me.. I felt her breasts brushing over the small of my back, her hands and lips teasing my legs and buttocks until at last she began to lick my cunt.
Her tongue found it's way inside me; I heard Marcella telling my husband how good I tasted, how much she loved watching him get his cock out and stroke it as he saw me being pleasured. She fucked me, unhurried with her lips, tongue and fingers and I came quickly, hearing my husband's voice catch in his throat with arousal. As I recovered, she strode over to him and asked him to taste me on her mouth. I remember thinking in that moment how glad I was that we had booked two hours. It was obvious nobody wanted to rush!

The rest of the time was unforgettable, but also like a blur of extreme pleasure.
We both sucked my husband's cock for a long time, entwining our tongues over the head of it, taking turns to deep throat him and lick his balls until our eyes watered and he came over our faces.
Letting him lie back and recover, she rode my face, then fucked me doggy style with a strap on while gripping my ass cheeks hard. I got off looking up at my husband's face and feeling her nails dig into my flesh. He was getting hard again just looking at us.

My husband fucked Marcella while I watched. I had no idea that just watching would turn me on so much, but as I recovered from my two orgasms it was quite a sight...Him screwing her in many positions. When she came, her whole body tensed; showing the muscle definition in her back, buttocks and legs. She muffled her cries into a pillow. I don't know if she usually enjoys her work as much as she did that night, but it was clearly genuine and as raw as it gets.

It took the rest of our time together for my husband to blow again, which was perfect for us ladies, as he would slam one of us for a while then the other. It was a pleasure overload which finished with him fucking me over her face so she could put her lips on us both; pulling out to cum in her mouth before all of us collapsed in a pile, exhausted.

She slipped away to leave us in eachother's arms; left us with a kiss and a wide smile.
I was too tired to thank her as profusely as I wanted to, but sent her a message with our sentiments later!
It was truly an unforgettable night, and we were lucky enough to take a couple of pics of us all in action, which will hopefully tide us over until it's time to see her again, as another special treat!

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