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Date published: June 14, 2019 at 8:24 am
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I managed to see Marci on her recent visit to Perth a couple of weeks ago. We had tried to arrange a booking a couple of times prior but to no avail, so this was a long time coming. It only really happened because on this visit to Perth Marci went out of her way to accommodate my dates, which are limited due to work. So it goes to show, once you're polite and respectful she really will try to accommodate you. As they say "manners costs nothing but are priceless"

To describe the experience I found it difficult to come up with a description that would do it justice. I looked at other reviews for some help, all being very accurate, but if you hadn't met her they might just seem like clichés. But clichés become clichés for a reason, because they are true. How would you describe what chocolate tastes like? You could read 1000 books on what it tastes like and never know. Whereas a brief nibble on a luscious treat would tell you everything you need to know in an instant.

It was in that first instance of meeting her that I got a brief taste of how the evening would be. An incredibly warm welcome that would put to rest any nerves or melt any tension there might be when meeting someone for the first time. Resulting in a conversation that flowed effortlessly covering a range of topics that showed a keen intellect and cheeky sense of humour. All the while her warm greeting turned to slow seduction. A friendly look gradually changed to a smouldering stare, a wide smile to a devilish grin and her gentle body movements became more alluring. All most melodic like a dancer. As Yeats said "how do you separate the dancer from the dance?" Why would you want to? This is all part of the experience. An experience that tantalised and satisfied all the senses in a fun, carefree manor.

Basically that is what it was, a really fun time with someone you would genuinely want to hang out with. Even when going over the blur of memories, from a fast paced evening, I caught myself smiling a few times. So if that's not a sign of a good experience I don't know what is.

Thanks Marci

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