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Date published: July 5, 2019 at 8:35 am
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It had been a loooong time since I had been intimate with a guy; work, travel, more work, the usual excuses, and though I am more than happy being single, well…. a girl has needs! So, I started to think about a male escort and, whether I could actually go through with it. I had seen Mr’s profile a number of times when researching, then one day I decided to take more notice. I am quite a bit older than Mr, and have been a little conscious of this, but I read his reviews, I already loved his photos so I bit the bullet and decided to make contact. I’m so very glad I did. During our initial phone call, I felt very relaxed. He does conversation well! It’s a pleasure to speak with him. And that accent!!
I booked an overnight for our first date, with the intention that I would book again in a few months’ time but I couldn’t wait that long! LOL. I have just spent a second date with Mr, this time 24hrs, and it was so nice, fun and chilled. I am planning another 24hrs or more for the next one.
I believe there are all kinds of friendships, some which happen of their own accord, and some we make happen… Mr is becoming a friend with benefits ;-). And oh those benefits….
If you are reading these testimonials and trying to make a decision, stop trying, just make contact, chat with Mr on the phone, and your mind will be made up. Life is short! Take every moment. Enjoy! :)
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