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Date published: March 20, 2020 at 4:27 pm
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So I'd booked Logan on a nervous YOLO whim. I'd booked Logan to help me explore my new found interest in BDSM, on the lead up to my booking with Logan he was the perfect gentleman, very attentive, polite and willing to answer all the questions I had.
When it came to the booking itself Logan or should I say Daddy was (no other word to describe it) perfect! He arrived early and from the first meeting at the door was the perfect commanding Daddy who was able to help me through my venture into my Little world. Constantly checking in and making sure I was OK and making sure I got what I needed. Daddy was able to draw the perfect line between strong and commanding and then to caring and sensitive. I genuinely felt cared for and was able to feel not judged.
I loved being in Daddy's strong masculine arms. He gave nice warm hugs and kisses. And when in came getting down to it. Daddy was amazing at giving his Baby Girl the perfect amount of loving <3 I enjoyed every minute of my 4 hours.It was the absolute Perfect start to my week. Had me feeling like I was walking on air.
If you want a down to earth, sweet yet dominating guy. Logan is perfect for you!!
Thank you Daddy. You made Baby feel like the bestest girl in the world!
Can't wait to see you again <3 xx
Lots of Love.
Your Little Baby girl x
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