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Date published: May 31, 2021 at 5:10 pm
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It’s late Thursday night as I write this. Tomorrow is obviously Friday. You know the phrase “TGIF” right? We all love Fridays - the anticipation of the coming weekend. Well on this particularly occasion I don’t actually feel very much like TGIF - I actually wish it was Thursday again.

The reason is that I've just had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful, charming, funny and super sexy Madelynne Andrews for a somewhat impromptu dinner date during a recent business trip.

My original plans were impacted by changed circumstances on my behalf so there was a good chance I would not see her at all. Madelynne was wonderfully gracious and accommodating enough to take time our of her busy day to ensure we had our first date - and what a delight it was!

If you have yet to visit her website - please do. Read her profile, look at her photos. They are mysterious and intriguing. There is an elegance and artistic poise about her. But her profile is more than just photos. The more you read the more you think "wow who is this person?".

She arrived at my hotel immaculately dressed for the occasion and upon our first greeting I soon realised that I've barely scratched the surface of "Madelynne". She is everything she says she is and more. We very quickly settled into our comfort zone and then left for a light dinner and drinks at a nearby venue. We shared stories and experiences and laughed at the silliest thing . It felt very natural, like a real first date with an instant connection. Madelynne is so good at making you feel comfortable and relaxed. She is smart and well educated, savvy, warm, cheekily fun and ultra sexy. Her personality shines when you engage her and let her in to your world. Trust her, be somewhat vulnerable. You won’t be disappointed.

We retired to my room and without going in to the details, all I’ll say is that the rest of our evening was more of a delight. At times we giggled like teenagers. Other times we would gaze, caress, touch and just be “together” in a very intimate connection, like seasoned lovers.

The time seemed to just fly by, unfortunately. Sadly I had to depart, with a mixture of happiness and contentedness but also wanting more. I look forward to seeing her again on my next trip to Melbourne!

To summarise - you can book Madelynne for a short interval and you will be in bliss. But if you invest more time and get to know her, you'll have the best experience. Open up yourself to her. Talk to her, engage with her and be ultra respectful. She will return the favour in spades. Everything afterwards will feel amazing and I have no doubt you'll agree with my testimonial.

I look forward to many more experiences with her and I'm already planning my next trip to Melbourne!
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