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Date published: January 28, 2018 at 12:29 pm
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This little vixen is everything you could want in a companion. Gorgeous, fun, enthusiastic, intelligent, motivated, versatile, sensual... She is someone whose company you can truly enjoy in every way. Full of zeal and stories, just a few minutes around her will leave you feeling like royalty.
Being my first encounter with an escort, Lucie was considerate with me from the very first scheduling correspondence.
I met her by the elevators and nearly had a heart-attack. She was wearing amazingly tight black jeans with a pink top under a black jacket. She was stunning.
Though we were complete strangers, I instantly felt comfortable with her.
Our time started with gentle talk and soft platonic touches, her siren voice telling some enthralling stories about how she lives and what she loves. It wasn't long before I was smitten, relaxed enough to be myself and ready to fully enjoy our time together. I took the initiative and Lucie responded with nothing but positivity and encouragement. Soft, passionate attention from her led to more intense frolicking and fun. Her eyes, mouth, body, attitude, all worked together to create the perfect partner for my passion. I revelled in her contact: exploring her, licking, kissing, simply touching and being close; smelling her perfume, hearing and feeling her respond...
Later we sat in a bath, just talking. Her life and career are amazing. She does so much good work in so many places, all the time, I was immediately inspired by her eagerness and energy for her job.
Her prevailing confidence was just as engaging as her dauntless physical prowess. Every moment was a sensory delight.
Our second time was even more erotic. After some hedonistic foreplay on my part, she put on a special outfit I had requested and asked for the associated position for be assumed ;). She drove me wild and she seemed to enjoy it too.
She encouraged me to act on my sensual impulses and I savoured giving her pleasure as much as receiving it.
Sometimes demure, sometimes tenacious, she was always open, honest and caring. In just a few hours she reinvigorated my self confidence and my long-neglected sexual identity.
It was a privilege to be a client to this fantastic little rock-star, and I can't wait to meet her again.
Don't forget to ask for her polaroid package and her PSE experience will not disappoint.
Thank you Lucie.
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