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Date published: August 12, 2017 at 10:47 am
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I met up with Lucie on a Gamer Experience package during her recent Brisbane tour. I've been a fan of Lucie's for a while, and finally decided to bite the bullet and treat myself at tax return time, and she did not disappoint. The loose plan going in was to do a bit of RPG nerding out, then hit up the arcade, but we ended up simply talking for many hours, before doing a bit of nerding out and on to the naughty bits.

We had a lot of fascinating conversation regarding the industry, associated politics, and her cosplay and geek ambitions. If lucie at any point looked at the clock, I didn;t spot it, in fact I was the one who had to break off the conversation temporarily to move my car!

It was a true joy to converse with someone on a similar wavelength, something often in short supply in regional areas.

Lucie is intelligent, witty, exceedingly patient, responsive, and a joy to be around. Will definitely try and make he magic happen again at some point.
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