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Date published: June 12, 2017 at 12:30 pm
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I had the pleasure of securing Lucie for over a week as my travel companion to Japan back in March.

Apart from all the amazing things that has been said about her in all other reviews, here are some of the things you can expect from a longer booking with Lucie:

-Lucie's priceless reaction as she was handed her very own owl at in a tokyo cafe.
-Being trapped in the worst maid cafe forced to order a saddest looking wiener and and decapitate helpless anime shaped custard buns.
-Being scared shitless at a prison themed restaurant as a clown tried to murder us(all while drinking raspberry flavored tampon drink or cocktails mixed with a pink vibrator)
-Observing Lucie nerding out at Disneyland​ and Harry Potter World.
-Being chased/ adopting a deer throughout an Island.

We went, try, and explore as much as we can in that week resulting in us running on fumes and was dying on the last day of the trip (lesson learnt on how to pace myself during this kind of booking)

And it was worth it!

Her enthusiasm to explore, down to earth personality and eagerness try something new only heightened the whole experience making it by far the best (and weirdest) booking I have so far.
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