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Date published: March 5, 2017 at 5:18 pm
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I met Lucie Bee for the very first time recently. It was a meeting I was looking forward to with anticipation for quite a while. I’ve followed Lucie’s media engagements, public speaking and online postings with great interest. And her open and forthright embrace of sexuality and the sex industry drew me to her, as did her genuine love of all things geek and cosplay. So the opportunity to meet such a forthright and passionate woman was simply compelling.

The day of our meeting came with a rush. And then there was Lucie, a beautiful vision before me; so petite and slim with such lovely alabaster skin. She was wearing a slim black dress and heels that elevated her small frame. We sat and talked of many things. She spoke of her life and the things she enjoys, and she fascinated me. I think she was genuinely interested in my story as well. She really is a remarkable woman.

And gradually, while we talked, her hand gently stroked my thigh. I simply had to take her hand to caress it, and stroke those delicate sensitive areas at the back of the wrists. She led me to the shower then to her bed and lay me on my back. Then she teased me with gentle touches, licks and kisses. I really do love a slow and sexy escalation of sensations and Lucie seemed to sense this. Then she invited me to worship her body. How could I resist. I adored everything about her and my mouth, lips, tongue and hands explored with abandon. It was incredibly enjoyable; slow and sensual but extremely sexy. With time running short, she surprised me by asking permission for the final act, which in keeping with the mood was sensuous, and seductive.

I am really looking forward to seeing Lucie again. I think there are many different attributes to this exciting lady that I would love to enjoy and I am certain that future meetings hold the promise of many wonderful sexual adventures.

Thank you so very much Lucie.
Steve X
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