testimonials for Lucie Bee

Date published: October 3, 2016 at 4:59 pm
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Excitement , adrenelin pumping , heart pounding, sent a text , " come on up" wonder why the lift is so slow.Room and sign "do not disturb" .
There she stood , flaming red hair , red lips wonderful smile and a one piece grey halter neck with slacks to the high heels, absolute perfection.
Ushered in and to the couch, finally we had time , 2 hours of Lucie B and that set the mood we had things to talk about and hand in hand sat looking at this princess.Such beautiful hands not that aware last time , just goes to show slow down a bit. Even though been waiting to see her a while .
The occasional kiss thrown in till I did not draw back from the last wich started the run away train . Her computer frustration needed venting and clothes started flying across the room , to the shower and the blue lingere was abandoned .
Must be gentle week as a new president set with deep and sensitive feeling taking over
Sensuality to the max touching like feathers she holding my head guided me to new errors zones and just adored the sounds she kept making or satisfaction and encouragement.
She says she loves kissing and wanted to be kissed from head to foot....I kissed her from head to foot and took on all guiding and encouragement to higher the sensations
Those beautiful hands holding my head and gripping through hair as she shuddered giving vent to small cries and gasps.
Somehow the 2 hours felt like 20 minutes with not a break in sight. From 69 she held me down and looked at me with that wicked Lucie grin and said " think I should sit on that" and disregarded my plea to go slow but proceeded in one swift movement down to full length. Hands on my chest she lowered her self to kiss as only she can feeling the pulsation of sudden shock through both our bodies, the culmination of all the intensity and urgency of wanting, released
Another 3 times Lucie passed me en route to the finish line with beads of persperation running down her back and chest small rivlet's forming
We opted for the cuddle and kiss option and just as possionate as if we had only met .She puts her whole being into the experience as if there is no one else in the world but u and with her cute sayings and bounces about the best is ever endearing. The gentleness and sincerity gave a new level to our meeting and though one tries to explain the full content of the experience it is impossible
She will command my attention where ever and whenever she is in range of a catch up , irriplacable , uncomparable out there as one of a kin unique woman the only Lucie B
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