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Date published: July 5, 2016 at 1:51 am
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Well the 2 days come and gone, am still in recovery. So will try and relatel events.
On flight 11.45 a.m.to Brisbane returne 6.44 pm ,time with L.B. 4.30 one hour and would I make the plane in time with rush hour traffic?.caught a cab good driver and explained what needed to happen , to L.B. and back to the departures, all good .
Drop off and cold wind blowing good to get into the lobby and wait for the call saying " I'm here when yr ready" . What one does for conviction , fly 1200 km.for one hour with a total stranger but the resolve never wavered.
Now warmed from that wind text " come on up"with instructions, apprehension is not a word , and on that first knock the door swung open, somehow new it , it happened " CLICK "
Fireworks , a picture of perfection dressed in black skirt with blouse and high heels, stunning and personality to match, the apprehension was banished in the first swing open of the door.On the couch we chatted but not for long, I reached over and she came to me .
This woman can kiss , very few if any could match, not like that brick wall , but kiss , can't explain it like I suppose what uve been looking for all yr life.......continuous ongoing with no break reselute forcefully gentle , consuming u in a fire of new passion..
She stood up taking my hand and led to the room , now no heels face to face full embrace again the same passion with hands on her behind, another woman u should walk behind with the most exquisite walk on earth.
Her back was to the bed, she turned and said"please undo this for me" pointing to the zip with finger behind back.
Pushed her gently back on to the bed and her knees parted hands behind her head straight out and that first sigh..So elegant so much the lady she began to move slightly first till me looking up saw her chest heaving, my arms on either side of her holding gently on to her bodice. Suddenly her arms came down and gripped on to my forearms and mine on hers and she pulling me to her and myself the same and with one gasp and hips grating she said " YES NOW" still holding on and pulling she slowly subsided to normal but more was to come and as I persisted she convulsed again with verbal acknologement crossed the line again
Not short of energy and resolve embracing and kissing rolled over to cowgirl, she poised a fire in her blue eyes consuming me then slowly, very very slowly allowed her self to become cumfortable opening her eyes looked down at me a feeling of pure peace.I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed down her eyes closing and leaging back head back eyes closed she whispered aah yes with her hands on my knees.
Hands behind her head I pulled her down to lock lips and start a rythem matching our urgency and never once broke our momentum with powerful embrace and mouths exploring ,this a new experience for me, this was Lucie Bee in full swing articulate matching stride for stride contraction after contraction I watched her face and saw it coming another massive abandon and the the meltdown to feel the heart beat normalise
A sensation a contraction set us off in motion again , her leaning back and with mutual movement set off on another roller coaster till as one clasped and locked together touched the sky.
I may have left out some parts but this is perhaps what u look for all yr life and finally the reward superb coordination of all the facets of togetherness with no discord .
We parted at the door with ongoing assurances those lips again and embrace with hands on her behind, this had to be the ultimate and she even packed my clothes in a small cupbord on undressing while talking to me showering.....rinsing as she called it
Goes without saying I'm smitten ....still in recovery and an absolute fact there is NO ONE LIKE LUCIE BEE. EVER

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