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Date published: July 17, 2017 at 8:21 am
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Usually i'm the silent guy hiding behind screen no left any commands neither positive or negative of experiences. Til today i've met the one truly worth my time to record the unforgettable story. So here she is,Miss Loreen. The most beautiful and petite asian escort i've been date.
I've noticed her from her advertisement first day on the website. Had a quick browsing on her rates,prices at the edge of high end.
But only if you met her, you'll know the young lady herself worth even more than the money you spend. Details showed thoroughly and honestly on her profile. She is well-bred, a bit of bashful for new people. But very soon,she'll illustrate how seductive she is.
I booked one night with her in a five star hotel room. Previously bought a gift after checked through her wishlist(Loreen if you're reading this i wish you'd like it).Around 6pm,Loreen showed up so on time. I got down stairs,and at the first look on her, all my doubt's gone. She dressed in a very classy one piece smart casual. She was sitting on the bench and very straighted her back that looked very elegant. I found her with no suspect that because she looks exactly the feature in her photos. hair waist length,straight and black,unbelievable beautiful eyes compare her asian background,and absolutely pretty face. She has both slim and curvy so that perfectly shaped. She standed up show me an endearing smile when we met. Very mannered.
We checked in left bags in room then headed for dinner. Loreen herself has both demure and piquant characters. I first started up to dominated our conversations. All the time she was paying attention with topics by decent contacts. But after few drinks,she started being vivacious,with her face turned red,lips juicy like a cherry(wine colored was cute she hasn't noticed)and million of word in her eyes. We talked about travels,episodes,all common types and her favourite artists,etc. We've went very natural ,nothing's been awkward.
Okay,let' talk about bed stuffs!I've not much too share with you. Loreen at that night was customized for me. She's smart,sensual and knows how to enjoy the feast of sex. Mostly she wet through! She's the bonniest figure i've been have sex so far. Meanwhile not too muscular. She's gifted amazing buns which is not usually an asian girl could've own. For my taste she's no doubt the muse material!
There will be the 2nd,3rd,and countless datings with Loreen(unless girl get retired).
All words for the alluring Loreen.

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