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Date published: October 17, 2016 at 5:46 pm
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One week ago i celebrated my birthday.

One week ago i was lucky enough to spend a couple hours with Paige Thomas, Lila Payne and Ellyse Lowe.

One week later I'm still pinching myself wondering if i was dreaming.

Organizing everything was a breeze - i had a few simple requests that were fulfilled beautifully.

The ladies DEFINITELY enjoyed each others company - while teasing the living hell out of me, lol.

These was passion, laughter, smiles and genuine warmth which made it a truly memorable evening.

We started off with a quick but thorough discussion of everyone's boundaries - and from there proceeded to get a bit kinky. everyone went out of their way to help me reaiise my fantasies.

Lila a couple times referred to herself as the orgy mum, as she orchestrated what became a rather debaucherous and kinky evening for me to live out some fantasies and seriously shorten my bucket list.

When it comes to combining sex and some of the more bdsm aspects i've never met anyone better - Lila can easily adapt to help you expand your comfort zone, while being incredibly respectful of everyones limits.

Luckily i already have a long one on one booking with Lila organised for early next year - and this time i won;t have to share her!
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