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Date published: June 25, 2019 at 2:27 pm
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How do I sum up my time with Lila?
How do I sum up the most amazing experience of your life in a few sentences?

She is pure magic. So much more then a “good time gal” sure, it will be the most toe curling, spine tingling sex of your life but what perhaps isn’t obvious is that truly Lila is an amazing therapist, she is worldly and wise well beyond her years. She is an engaging and hilarious educator, she has taught me so much, helped guide me through life and opened my eyes to new amazing experiences.

Lila is a genuine and totally unique creature, her intelligence and her knowledgeable on so many subjects is a thing of wonder. She creates safety, she can give you some pretty amazing advice and she’ll also listen compassionately and allow you time to heal.

She got dark eyes you can get lost in, the warm smile of an old friend and a beautiful soul, only matched but her outer beauty.

Lila can’t be classified or fit in a box, she’s not made from a mould, there really is no one like her. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to meet her you will see just how multifaceted and magnetic she is.

I’m counting down to when I get to see Lila again.
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