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Date published: March 23, 2017 at 10:53 am
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Gorgeous, sultry, voluptuous, erotic.
Stunning mix of East and West that you just can put a finger on.

I like to think of Lauren as a Young Chrissy Teigen but with bigger sultrier eyes.
She's got this crazy sexy cfm vibe; a flattering way to describe her would be that she will definitely not be out of a place in a Rick Ross music video.

The woman's got them curves; curves in all the right places and a booty that is just born to be admired and worshiped. Not just from behind but from every angle, way and manner. Man I'm just getting weak in the knees and hard in the right places thinking about her on all fours, bubble butt booty arched up into the air, beckoning me to just power in.

She's got the kind of body that every man wants their women to have; meat in all the right places... a body you just want to sink your teeth into and feast till the morning.

Lauren was brilliant.
If you want a complete carnal experience... a downright dive into the sheets, draining away every inch of your soul into the abyss that is her sexual fire, she's the lady for you.
Riding, thrusting, moaning, screaming...
Curvy, full bodied flesh...
A face that screams succubus.
And oh yes... She tasted wonderful.. every single bit and inch of her.
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