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Date published: February 10, 2017 at 12:17 pm
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I have been fortunate to be a client of Lauren’s for some time now. A few months ago I outlined a fantasy to her but honestly thought it would never happen. Earlier this week my dream became a reality!

I awoke to find a text message telling me I had to meet Lauren in a restaurant that day and “not to be late”. I followed her instructions of where to meet and Lauren arrived looking stunning in an elegant black dress. After some very interesting conversation over lunch we then took ourselves behind closed doors. Lauren excused herself to the bathroom and emerged wearing a very erotic latex dress. She gave me a kiss like never before (and Lauren knows how to kiss!) and from that moment I became a slave to her every need. Whilst I will not divulge everything that happened, suffice to say I had the most erotic experience of my life at the hands of the most beautiful and sexy lady I have ever met. My only regret is that it all seemed to pass so quickly.

The lovely Lauren continues to fill my world with sensuous and erotic fantasy and I look forward excitedly to the next time I am fortunate to be in her stunning company. I recommend anyone who appreciates true class, beauty and eroticism to make contact with Lauren, you will remember the encounter for the rest of your life.

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