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Date published: May 5, 2019 at 6:27 pm
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I have seen Lauren a few times previously, including our last meeting (the blindfold MFF session). In that last session, I learned about “edging” because Lauren experienced it (accidentally). After doing some research, I decided that would be the theme of our next play date.

Communications with Lauren were easy – she is very professional on this. And … when I got a rash and had to reschedule, I think I gave her enough lead time that there was no cancellation fee (bless you).

On the day of the event, I asked Lauren to wear something comfortable and safe for her journey. Even for outcalls, it is often a good idea to begin with me in the shower while she sets up. Lauren arrived looking nice and lovely but quite civilian – she looked like a normal (but attractive) lady just going about her business.

After getting out of the shower, I had to punish her for being a couple of minutes late (she told me in advance, but … well … I do enjoy spanking that bum). Then I told her I wanted her to be edging for as much of the booking as possible (because I am an evil teasing sort of fellow). She got this totally naughty expression (especially in those eyes) when she suggested she have me experience edging. Those eyes convinced me to say “OK”.

Well … she succeeded. She got me right to the edge, then did not let me climax. I am flopping around like a fish out of water while she is giggling and continuing to service me. I have no idea how long she kept me there (seemed like hours), but I do remember dehydrating because of my shallow breathing. At one point I shouted “I LOVE HATE YOU!!!” She just laughed.

Finally, I begged (literally) for her to have mercy. She relented.

While the reviews on Scarlet Blue do not normally have the details of a session, I think it is worth noting that I have never (EVER) been destroyed by a lady like Lauren destroyed me. The destruction was complete, thorough, and total. Immediately after I had trouble sitting up (drinking some water was difficult without a straw) and it took several minutes for my vision to return to normal.

One of the most memorable play dates I have ever had, and I have been a hobbyist since the 1990s.

Highly recommended.
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