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Date published: April 4, 2019 at 6:25 pm
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I had seen ads and read the reviews for Lauren on PP and Scarlet Blue for some time and I was always intrigued. So when I saw that she was touring Sydney I thought what the hell let's do it. I sent her an email which she promptly responded to and we sorted out logistics quickly for a 2 hour booking.

Fast forward to the meeting. You never know what you are going to get when the door opens and I was pleasantly surprised. I have to say she was not what I was expecting. She calls herself "Eurasian" but as others have said the Euro outweighs the Asian. I would call her looks exotic and evocative, like if you took all of best features from every race in the world and merged them all into one person. This girl is 100% elegantly natural, very pretty and very authentic. She also looks much younger than I expected. We spent some time chatting on the lounge to begin with and she is smart and down to earth. She made me feel comfortable right away. She comes across as educated, well-travelled and worldly, but not condescending - just easy going, open and authentic.

After a little while I jumped in the shower and came out to see her arranged on the bed in her lingerie. Looking like the smouldering sex kitten that she is. I quickly joined her on the bed and we started out with DFK and passionate caresses.

So how was the sex? Just freaking awesome. We tried a variety of positions as well as BBBJ, and DATY. She was always energetic and enthusiastic. She clearly enjoys what she does and she really makes sure you are looked after. She has a really tight little body with no body fat and a tight little pussy which loves to be played with and tastes divine.

I had requested anal as an extra service, as I hadn't tried it before and she willingly obliged (for an extra fee). We started with a toy which she asked me insert, which was super-hot. She has a perfectly round butt which was incredible to look at as I entered her and watched her squirm and moan.

She asked me if there was anything else I wanted to try. I am pretty conservative so I couldn’t really think of anything but she seems to be up for most things as long as you are respectful and gentle.

I had booked 2 hours which I really think is the minimum with this girl if you want to go multiple times and have some intimacy and giggles.

Would I return? Hell yes, she is so real and so eager to please while clearly enjoying herself immensely too. If you treat her well- with dignity and respect - she will reciprocate. In spades.
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