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Date published: April 26, 2018 at 2:04 pm
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Meeting Lauren is the best thing happen for my travel. I was so sceptical and doubtful on her schedules when I arrive Sydney, and holy crap I was lucky that she would love to meet me and agree on my last min schedule. The playful session was erotic and this was also kinda my first time duh. Anyway, I was filled with joy with her smile, her charismatic voice, it was splendid. I get to treat her like a queen and she treats me like king. What comes astonishing was I am her first client on this Sydney current trip. I did formed some amazing chemistry with her, especially fell in love with the curvy body, really must praise her for that effort. We ended the session with 2 cute selfie and some goodbye kiss, she is real pleaser. Words can't explain on my feelings now but all the testimonials were right on points duh. Hope to see u in future darling.

Gentlemen, do bring something for her as gift and there will be extra kiss . It is really my lucky day for visiting Sydney man!
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