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Date published: January 31, 2018 at 12:07 pm
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You know what they say about forming an opinion or making up your mind about someone before you meet them. Sometimes you are right but often you are wrong also.

This was the case with Lauren. It happened to me before with another girl and I was not disappointed then. I definitely was not disappointed with Lauren.

We met initially for drinks and snacks. This girl is all real. Not shy, she eats. And drinks. Which just made everything more comfortable and “real” so to speak. That beautiful smile that we are all familiar with and the get up and go personality that Lauren has, it was fantastic. It got to the point where I thought to myself…maybe we should go up to the room. That is how comfortable she makes you feel. Dressed in a outfit which had a plunging neckline and a lot of leg, I was pretty happy sneaking peaks while we yakked. As if it was a real new meet and pick up so to speak lol. This is not to say I think I would ever have a chance with Lauren in “real life” but I was happy to settle for this.

Eventually we went up and the fun in the room was aggressive and hot. I like demanding women in bed and Lauren was that. Won’t really go into details but what a hot body she has and so much passion for the sex. If there was only some way to shower with the ladies and at the same time keep their hair dry and makeup intact….that was the only thing I missed with Lauren. A shower and a chance to soap up every inch of that body.

Alas…4 hours passed really quickly. I saw the body disappear under clothes and I walked her down to get a Uber. While there we spotted a lucky gent who had two girls with him. Greedy! Lol. But I was ecstatic with my single girl.

Lauren is a joy and so so so real. That is so important for me. Gents…for those of you still hitting the clubs and pubs…if you so happen to be lucky enough to see a raven haired goddess with the most amazing smile every….please approach her. You may be so lucky to be meeting Lauren and who knows how the night may unfold.
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