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Date published: July 11, 2017 at 11:42 am
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I saw Lauren on her most recent tour to Sydney. I had seen Lauren's gorgeous selfies and videos on her twitter, and after reading her reviews on both SB and PP, I decided to go ahead and book Lauren when I realised it was only a week til her tour to Sydney. After a few texts back and forth, I paid my deposit and my 1.5 hr date was confirmed.
The day of the booking arrived, and to say I was excited to meet her would be an understatement, but I was also nervous because I am quite a shy and quiet person. She texted me an hour before the booking to confirm and told me she would have to meet me outside her hotel as the hotel she was staying in recently installed a new system where a key card was needed to access the lifts (she told me in future she will stay in a hotel where this isn't needed). We told each other what we are wearing in order to recognise each other as this was our first meeting and to stay discreet.
She greeted outside the hotel with a kiss, (which really settled the nerves I had) and held my hand proudly as she walked me into her hotel and into the lift. We got into the lift and she immediately became even more energetic, which is definitely contagious, and I could tell that this was going to be a fun experience. Whilst in the lift she apologised for firstly having to meet outside and also that she had to be discreet and wear a dress. But this girl looks good in anything, trust me!
She kissed me passionately again when we got into her hotel room, before I headed to freshen up. After showering, I returned to the bedroom, only wrapped in a towel, to find that she had changed into a leopard print bra and g-string. We hugged and kissed, and it was here where I said sorry I'm a bit shy and not be as outgoing as she'd hoped I'd be. She told me not to be shy, especially around her, along with other words of encouragement. It wasn't long before we were both naked and I was sucking on her nipples and then some DATY. Licking and fingering her pussy is quite enjoyable and she responded nicely to my actions and eye contact. Then it was time for her to return the favour with some good BBBJ action. Her eye contact and smiling let me know that she was enjoying it also.
I couldn't wait any longer and wanted to fuck her. She applied the condom and before long she was riding me passionately. It was then my turn to be on top and so we changed position to missionary. After a while in missionary, she asked if I wanted to change to doggy, but I was enjoying missionary too much to change and not long after I came whilst fucking her, which felt awesome! And she loved it also.
After cleaning up the little mess I made, we lay on the bed and it was here where she really noticed how shy and quiet I am. She again told me not to be shy as it was beginning to make her a little shy and she gave me more words of encouragement about how she overcame her shyness.
It wasn't long before she initiated more bbbj action as we continued to chat, joke, laugh and really open up. She then asked if I was up for round two, which I happily agreed to. She again applied a condom and demanded I fuck her. We fucked in many positions; cowgirl, missionary, doggy, standing missionary (where I was standing whilst she lay on the bed). Unfortunately I couldn't cum again. (Let me just assure you, me not being able to cum a second time had nothing to do with her performance or looks).
We ended the session with a shower where we got to wash and scrub each other. I especially enjoyed rubbing soap all over her nice firm breasts. Very good way to finish. I dried and changed before we kissed goodbye.
Overall, my first experience with Lauren was amazing! I had high expectations based on her selfies and reviews and she completely outdone my expectations with flying colours. She's an awesome, easy going girl with gorgeous looks and brings lots of energy and stamina. I'm in my mid 20s and she can easily keep up with me. She loves to both dominate and be dominated in the bedroom and is able to connect with anyone, myself being the ultimate example. So take the punt on Lauren the next time she tours to your city, you definitely won't regret it!
Lauren, thanks again for a great session and I will definitely be booking you again the next time you're in Sydney! I can't wait to meet you again!
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