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Date published: June 28, 2017 at 9:35 am
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I've had the privilege of seeing Lauren a couple of times and it has been sensational on both occasions.

Any nervousness when I first met her quickly eased when she greeted me wearing a black bra and g-string (her body ... WOW) and completely disappeared with her sensual kisses.

Lauren has a great ability to tease whether it be her soft lips and tongue gliding over my body, whispering naughty thoughts or letting her playful hands explore.

She is more than happy to be pleased as well with a combination of tongue, soft kisses and wandering hands especially when her firm breasts and supple butt are being caressed.

After we've teased each other, it's not too long before I'm moaning with delight as her mouth and hands tend to me more passionately.

Before long, we take turns being on top of one another as our breathing becomes heavier and our groans louder as we reach our peak.

When we recuperate between sessions, Lauren's bubbly personality shines through during conversations which is as much of a turn-on as her infectious laughter.

Lauren is an absolute pleasure to be with, right up to her passionate kiss goodbye.
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