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Date published: January 24, 2017 at 8:23 am
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Met up with Lauren while she was on tour in Perth. I first saw her page here on Scarlet Blue and thought that I would make the trip down to Bunbury so her visit to Perth made it a lot easier to decide to make a booking.
So the SMS was sent and date and time set for a lunchtime the following week. Lauren was quick to reply to the txts and made it so easy. I was looking forward to the day,
The day arrived and had heard nothing so thought I had better txt to confirm - all was good & then had a txt from Lauren while I was in a meeting asking if she could ring me. I texted back after the meeting but no reply & had a bad feeling that the booking was about to be cancelled................but no found out later she had run out of condoms and wanted me to get some on my way :-)
Lauren is an absolutely gorgeous person, great to talk to and looks way better than her photos. Had a great 2 hours with her that went by far to quickly & will definitely be making the trip south to see her again
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