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Date published: April 19, 2019 at 10:36 am
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If you've ever heard lyrics to the effect of "sunshine in a bottle", Lauren is exactly that, only that she manages to capture a supernova into her frame - the first thing that will strike you when you meet her is not her beauty (although that is clearly one of her fortes), but the exuberance and sheer happiness that emanates from her. It should legitimately be the eighth wonder of the world - or at least given consideration to be!

Throughout my three-hour booking, there was never once a dull moment; Lauren speaks her mind, and through that you can see the many sides of the lady, all of which very human, and yet with the utmost level of positivity one could possible have in a world like ours. She will melt your mind (and body and soul) over and over again - but do not be deceived by her quick words of opinion - she is also extremely intelligent, boasting knowledge of many areas. Conversationalists and shy people (like myself) alike will enjoy her company!

Our time together was cheery, fierce, intense, raunchy, invigorating, and leaving me wanting for more. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will definitely be looking out for the next time she tours in my city!
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